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What is Low Rider Press?

one of our employees catching flies that try and land on the screen while printing

Low Rider Press is a small independent press dedicated to making cool-ass stickers. All the stickers you see on this site were hand made by screen printing (We are gonna put up a sleek page on this site at some point that describes and shows the process of silk screening for those of you unfamiliar with it). They are printed on high quality sticker vinyl with permanent ink. These puppies will last for many years even in the rain and snow. Just stick 'em on a clean flat surface and watch 'em stay there for years! Because they are hand made, there may be small imperfections such as fuzzy edges to the lettering and corners that may not be quite 90 degrees. They are all however, made with love.

Low Rider Press is dedicated to peace, social justice, and making the world a better place through stickers.

If you have any bad jokes or good sticker ideas, please email them to us at lowriderpress@aol.com !!! If we make any stickers that you thought of, we'll send you some for free!!!!!!!!! If you want to custom order stickers, click here: CUSTOM STICKERS. Also, if you'd like a sticker that we used to have but don't see listed, email us at lowriderpress@aol.com as we may have one or two left kicking around the old shoebox.