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The Great Low Rider Press Mystery Grab Bag of Sticker Fun!!! At Least 25 Stickers for ONLY $8.99!!!!!!!!

Here is an assortment of the backs of just some of the 25 mysterious stickers that you will receive if you choose to take the chance for this great opportunity!

All we can really say here at Low Rider Press is WHOA! What the hell are these people thinking? How can they afford to create such a questionably great deal? Did their boss go on a vacation...from sanity? Is this a mutiny by the staff? Tired of sprout and polenta burritos provided by the management? Have their demands for sea salt in the lunchroom gone unheeded for too long? Is this how they thank the management for providing a living wage of PBR, day care for their pets, and personalized bike parking (for a weekly service charge)? You gotta' figure that this is just part of the whole mystery of the thing!!! Maybe this mediocre deal will last only another week! Maybe it'll flop like the thousands of "I Believe You Nosferatu!" stickers we have gathering dust in the Low Rider Press closet of shame. Maybe we shouldn't mention the closet of shame. After all, that is likely where most of these grab bag stickers come from right? well, maybe. some of them...might. Hey, maybe they're just trying to unload their slow sellers! Well the one thing that isn't a mystery is that you will be sent at least 25 stickers!!!!! That is CERTAINLY a marginally good deal, right? There is only one way to find out! Get your friend to buy it! Pretend like it's really "cool" to be involved in a mystery! and for such a low low high price!! or you can put it on your Hannukah list! Good luck! We hope you buy a few grab bags at once! because we know you'll never order another one again... (ha, ha, just kidding!) $8.99