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Custom Stickers

Have you always wanted stickers of your own design? For your sweet candy making business? your 80's pop cover band? your mayoral campaign? your dog lovers club! Whatever your nefarious purposes may be, we at Low Rider Press are here to crank them out for you!!!

These are screen printed on durable all weather vinyl and will last for many years!

For a price quote or any other questions, email us at: lowriderpress@aol.com

Let us know: How many stickers you want, their dimensions (must be square or rectangle), and the ink color.

The sticker vinyl is white. We can print in almost any color. We can also print your image white, with any color background.

Our minimum order is 100 stickers and the price per sticker goes down as the quantity of stickers increases.

Please attach an image (at least 300 dpi if possible) to the email.

If you would like us to design the sticker, there will be an additional charge.